EIT Health e.V. IT solution for grant, financial and ecosystem management for the EIT Health E.V.

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30.06.2023 10:00:00

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80807 München (Bayern)

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Unternehmensorganisation (ERP), Software-Entwicklung, Software, Business-Intelligence-Software, Internet-u.Intranet-Softw.Pake, Kommunikationssoftwarepaket, Projektmanagementsoftwarepaket, Verwaltungssoftwarepaket

The objective of this procurement procedure is to select a service provider (economic operator) for the design (including custom configuration of the software according to the needs of EIT Health), implementation and delivery of a IT solution to support primarily with the grant management process, but also with related business processes. The IT solution must integrate seamlessly with the existing IT architecture, and the transition to the IT solution must cause no disruption to the business operations.

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